3D Value Engineering  ​

Either directly for the developer, or through their civil engineer and site contractor, we have resolved complicated design issues for many of the larger commercial sites in the mid-atlantic region.  With every site design, we keep a close eye on the cost implications and constructability of our designs. 

We can also assist with Quality Control and Constructibility Reviews at any point during the process.  With the growing difficulty of today’s approval process for site projects, there is an increased focus by developers and their consultants on just getting the projects approved. Unfortunately, a byproduct of this is the decreased focus on the actual detailing of the plans and the constructibility of these designs. Many times, there is a significant gap between the design engineer and the construction of the project. This gap leads to problems during the construction process and change orders to the developer. A significant amount of these can be avoided. 

MESH Consulting has the experience on both the design consultant side and the construction side. With this experience, we can provide thorough reviews of the design plans during the approval process. This is important given the fact that many times, the developer does not receive any value engineering ideas or quality reviews until after approvals when a contractor is brought on board. Typically, it is too late in the game for any “major” changes to the plan which would require further approvals. This is unfortunate because many of these ideas would save considerable amounts of money for the developer. Most design professionals and developers do not have the construction experience or know enough about the means and methods of constructing their designs to be able to provide this service during the design and approval process. These reviews can also be in the form of 3D models to identify problem areas. 

Examples of Value Engineering include:

Grading/Concept Layout

• Balancing the site - including balancing each phase of a project
• Removing retaining walls
• Grading so that the site follows the lay of the land to minimize cut/fill
• Grading to avoid heavy rock areas


• More efficient utility layout
• Minimize pipe lengths (storm)
• Minimize crossings (potential for conflicts)


Done Right the First Time, Every Time

Integrated Site Engineering

Our Services

  • Land Development Design and Approvals
  • Value Engineering and Constructability Reviews
  • 3D Concept Grading and Utility Design
  • Balancing and Sequencing the Site
  • Full Site Work Budgets